Friday, April 17, 2020

Why You Should Write a Literature Review of a College Book

Why You Should Write a Literature Review of a College BookHow can you write a literature review of a college book? If you are a teacher, your classroom is a unique place. You know every detail about the class, what students did not do to earn a passing grade, or what courses you required them to take, and what they missed. But when you do a literature review of a college book, you need to read the book out loud to yourself and anyone else in the room.It might be a good idea to practice reading it aloud to yourself first, so that you have a sense of how the words sound. Then read it to the group. This will give you an idea of the overall tone of the book. Perhaps you will notice that certain parts of the book sound better than others. You may also find it more convenient to read the whole book, or at least parts of it, aloud.Reading the book can be very intimidating to an experienced reader. Reading aloud gives you a chance to focus on the sound of the words rather than the meaning of the words. You are allowed to skip parts of the book that do not apply to the class or your particular situation.You also will be given special attention as your reading continues. If there is a part of the book that you are not happy with, you can skip it. This can also help you notice things that you missed while reading aloud.There are lots of reasons to do a literature review of a book. First, it can help to identify a book that could be used as a unit reading. Students in an English course usually pick a book that is high in literary merit, which is why a literature review will identify those books and help them to select one for their reading period.Second, it can be a great way to get students involved in reviewing the same book in class. To get started, read the book out loud and in its entirety. Point out the parts of the book that you found annoying, confusing, or boring.After all, if the book is worth reading, it is worth discussing in a small group. Tell students that i f they have something to say to answer a question, they should come to class and join in the discussion. If you ask them to read the entire book aloud, they will probably listen and tell you about what they thought of the book.There are many reasons to do a literature review of a college book. If you read aloud and appreciate the great things about the book, you will not only make your students appreciate it but will enjoy reading it, too.

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